Remove That Tree Stump Without Lifting a Finger

We provide efficient stump removal services in the Charlotte, NC area

If you're ready to finally get rid of the stubborn tree stump in your front yard, turn to the professionals at B.N.C Tree Service. We provide efficient tree stump grinding services in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.

Whether you need to get rid of one stump or multiple, we can help. Find out why we're a preferred local stump removal company. Call 980-867-8110 today to get rid of your stump.

Avoid these issues by removing tree stumps ASAP

Avoid these issues by removing tree stumps ASAP

Not sure if you need stump removal services? Leaving a stump in place can:

  • Lower your property value
  • Make your yard difficult to mow
  • Attract weeds and pests
  • Hurt your curb appeal

Don't greet your guests with an unsightly stump. Make a positive first impression with a flawless front lawn. Contact B.N.C Tree Service today to arrange for tree stump grinding services.